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Providing Assets

If you purchase one of vinSUITE's BluePrint templates, you may have questions about the images that you will need to provide in order to take full advantage of the template. Please use the following as an image specification guide to be sure you have given us the correct file types and sizes to avoid extra work and possible charges.

The following is a size/format guide for images:

  1. Your website Logo needs to be provided as a transparent PNG and at the largest size you expect to see it on the website. Also it should be a color that displays well over your chosen homepage main image (see below). On this template a darker colored logo is required.
  2. Homepage Main Image ought to be at least 1920px wide so it'll look good in wide browser windows. The height can be as tall as you want, but keep in mind taller images will push your page content further down the page. As far as images go, the larger the better, it is easier to size down than up. Again the color of the logo should be considered when chosing this image.
  3. Banner images on internal pages (AKA page images) should be at least 1920px wide for best results; the height will be automatically cropped to fit the area so keep this in mind when choosing the image. Image file names may not have any spaces.
  4. Bottle shots and/or product images should be cropped close to the image subject--there should not be much extra space around the bottle/product. These images should be 600px on the longest side, (PNG files work best, see #8 below). They can be smaller than this, but it's best to have nice large images for product detail pages. They will never display larger than 600px on BluePrint template sites. The images will be resized appropriately to fit the different places they display on the site (store category pages, product detail pages, and shopping cart). If the design you choose has a background color/texture other than plain white in the store section, you should provide transparent background image files.
  5. Any images you provide to be placed within your content can be any size you desire, but they should be provided no larger than the largest size you expect to see them on the website.
  6. Header image for system-generated emails, these must be 600px wide and in GIF format. The height may vary, but typically should be around 120px tall to preserve space. If you do not provide this header separately to us, we will create one from your website logo. Please note that all system-generated emails/confirmations/receipts as well as newsletters share this singular header.
  7. Helpful Links:
    1. Link to Color Picker: https://www.webpagefx.com/web-design/color-picker/
    2. Link to Google Fonts: https://fonts.google.com/
    3. Link to My City Scene (free event calendar) https://mycityscene.com/
  8. File Types: Our admin panel will allow you to upload JPG, PNG, and GIF image files. See examples of each below.
  • JPGs are commonly used image files, but will always display a white background on bottle shots and other images in which the subject does not fill the rectangular file shape.
  • PNGs are high quality image files that allow for transparent backgrounds, which is great for bottle shots and other images where the subject matter does not fill the entire file.
  • GIFs can also be saved with transparent backgrounds, but typically do not have the same quality as a PNG or JPG.

    Bottle image jpg
    Bottle image png
    PNG - transparent background
    Bottle image gif
    GIF - transparent background

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